Introducing a new photography-first website

Welcome back to Nic Cameron Photography – You’ll notice a lot of changes in the layout and content of the site. I’ve decided to focus my offering and concentrate on photography. I still care about good graphic design and functional web development but my passion for some time has been capturing people and products at their best.

It also means that the website feels more cohesive and I can go in depth on some of my past projects as a photographer and not muddy the waters with my history as a graphic designer.

I can also share testimonials that are relevant to your needs. After all, it is no use hearing about my success as videographer or as part of a communications team if what you need to know is how well I can handle a camera!

I’ll still offer these services to existing customers – and if you like the look of my site then get in touch, maybe I can help sort those WordPress issues you have been having since your last theme update or help you with a new logo.

For now though, is the home of my professional photography work.

I hope you enjoy following what I get up to on this blog!