Open to opportunity. Why I want to support local creatives and small business owners in Edinburgh and East Lothian on their journey to success.

I have been lucky enough to work locally and internationally with organizations across the UK and Europe but I am always excited by the prospect of supporting entrepreneurship closer to home. East Lothian and Edinburgh are a hotbed of business and creativity. I am always amazed by the new businesses and organisations that establish themselves and thrive in our traditional seaside setting.

As a photographer I find myself drawn to these new ideas and novel solutions – but in the fledgling stage of a new enterprise professional photography can seem like a risky spend.

I’d argue that it’s almost always worth the outlay (although I am biased, naturally)!

I feel looking better than your competition can be a massive initial leap forward towards attracting customers or starting conversations about your work.

That’s why I will always do my best to offer a package that any business can afford! I may be able to offer a bespoke package based on an hourly rate for small jobs.