How to get the most from your digital camera and kit lens as a novice

This guide has been developed based on the features of most Canon DSLR APSC cameras fitted with the 18-55mm kit lens but the concepts apply to most cameras.

Why are post-instagram photographers scared of colour?

Photography of the early 2020s is victim to the success of influencers that edit with a warm, desaturated palette. And I’ve had enough. Here is why I think this trend has grown in popularity amongst photography enthusiasts and why I’m trying something different.

How I capture an event with only my smartphone

Sometimes it isn’t possible or desirable to bring a camera, lenses and lighting equipment to an event. When I have to work without my usual kit there are a few steps I take to get the best results from my smartphone. Camera Choice I’ll almost always use one of my phones rear-facing cameras (even for […]