Coronavirus photography: how to build trust with customers

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If you have made changes to the way you operate due to coronavirus then photography is a great way to show your customers what that means for them. You can build trust with content that shows staff in clean face masks, revised working environments and layouts, sanitising stations and protective barriers.

The safer and cleaner your business looks the easier it will be to encourage people to return.

Show customers the PPE you are using, the barriers you have put in place or other changes you have made to your premises.

Ideas for a trust-building photo shoot

When planning a photo shoot to highlight your new safety protocols you should think about the fears or reservations that a potential customer may have and create images that illustrate how you are handling these issues:

  • Show staff in clean uniforms wearing suitable PPE
  • Provide images of tidy sanitisation stations, near the entrances to your business
  • Highlight your new non-contact payment methods
  • Provide examples of the barriers or spacing measures you have put in place to maintain social distancing
  • Get shots of your behind-the-scenes staff in PPE to show that it is a concern at all levels of your business
  • Set up a shoot that showcases happy, healthy and confident customers enjoying your space

Changes I have made to keep you safe during our shoot

I have also made several changes to help make sure our session is as safe as possible:

  • If we are working in close proximity I will wear a face mask at all times
  • If working indoors I will wear a new, clean face mask whenever in a room with others
  • I will sanitise my hands at regular intervals
  • When handling props I will wear non-latex disposable gloves
  • When suitable I will use telephoto focal lengths to increase the distance between us
  • I will give direction for posing and arrangement from a safe distance
  • We will try to find suitable outdoor locations whenever possible rather than shooting indoors
  • I will be as flexible as possible if we need to rearrange our shoot due to changes in lockdown restrictions or if you or I are showing symptoms of coronavirus

If you want to know more or are interested in booking me for a session: