Full-Day Event Coverage Package (up to 8 hours)

From: £339.95

Coverage for longer events that require a photographer for the day. This package covers events from 4 to 8 hours in duration

What is Included in the Full-Day Event Package?

  • 1 Photographer for up to 8 hours (excluding set-up time but including a 30 minute break)
  • On-camera flash or off camera flashes around the location
  • General coverage of the event or activity
  • Incidental candid portraits of participants
  • Key images based on your brief

You should expect to receive final 30-50 images for each hour of coverage, depending on the event.

Package includes basic exposure correction and cropping but no additional post-production

Why are prices listed as ‘From…’

The package prices are the starting point for pricing your project. Some projects might involve additional expense. This might include:

  • Travel to shoot location
  • Additional props or shoot-specific expenses
  • Additional complex post-processing time
  • Single-use backdrops
  • Venue hire
  • Model hire

These expenses will be in addition to the starting price for any package. They will be included in your estimate before we set a date for your project.