E-commerce photography and WordPress development for The Edinburgh Stationery Shop

The Brief:

The Edinburgh Stationery Shop is an offshoot of the Edinburgh Copyshop, a longstanding digital print provider based in the city centre. They wanted to offer their stationery, paper and office supplies for sale online as physical space in the Copyshop is very limited and displaying products is not always possible.

I was able to support them with a custom built WooCommerce site, and build a catalogue of images that gave a clean and professional look to the site.

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Example images from the stationery website:

These images were captured on location using PVC panels as the backdrop.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-17

E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-14

E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-15

E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-10

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E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-19

E-Commerce Photography_Edinburgh-16

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