Woodland photography: great for headshots on sunny days

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I love to explore, on rare summer days when the weather is nice there is nothing better than getting out and about in Scotland. Recently I took my camera for a walk around Carberry Tower in Musselburgh.

These tiny mushrooms make an interesting subject and almost look like they were lit with a strobe.

For a lot of photographers the intense, hot sun presents is a challenge they would rather not deal with. It is bright, harsh light that will normally cause hard shadows in all the wrong places. It also allows for some creative shots – one way of making it work is to get in the shadows and look for pools of light that punch through to create spotlights and interesting patterns.

We moved into the cool cover of the Tower’s woodland areas and used shadows to create visual interest, an organic green palette and a sense of depth through contrast.

The pockets of light between the trees are a great place to capture headshots that have an element of adventure and show an affinity for nature. If you would like to book a woodland portraiture session then get in touch!